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Waterproof connector FAQ

- Nov 29, 2018 -

Waterproof connector FAQ

In addition to the rigorous workmanship, fine workmanship and materials, a qualified waterproof connector has three common problems:

1.Poor insulation of the waterproof connector: The function of the insulator is to place the touch member in the correct orientation and to insulate the touch member from the touch member between the touch member and the housing. Therefore, it is necessary for the insulator to have excellent electrical functions, mechanical functions and technical forming functions. In particular, with the widespread use of high-density, miniaturized terminals, the useful wall thickness of the insulator is getting thinner and thinner. This puts more stringent demands on insulation materials, injection mold precision and molding technology;

2. Poor touch of waterproof connector: The metal conductor inside the terminal is the center of the terminal, which transmits power, signal, etc. to other parts touched by it. It is necessary for the metal conductor inside the terminal to have an excellent conduction function. If the touch device planning is unreasonable, the data selection is faulty, the scale is not standard, or the plating layer is not properly disposed, it will constitute a bad touch of the terminal;

3. The waterproof connector is not properly fixed: the terminal needs to be fixed in a certain orientation to complete the stable connection. Sometimes the thick and large leaf device is not perfect, or the product has limited durability. If the number of insertions and removals is too many, it will lead to poor fixation. The light one will affect the touch and form a power failure. The severe connector will collapse. Crashing means that the terminal is in the state of being plugged in, because the data, planning, technology, etc. cause the layout to be unreliable between the plug and the socket, and the abnormality between the pin and the jack will constitute the power transmission of the control system. The severe consequences of signal manipulation suspension. Because the planning is not reliable, the material selection is wrong, the molding technology is not properly selected, the heat treatment, mold, installation, welding and other technical quality is poor, the installation is not in place, etc. will constitute a fixed failure!

These are all common problems with waterproof connectors!


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