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Transformation of cable applications

- Sep 04, 2018 -

Low voltage differential signals (LVDS) have been used in cameras and TV displays for many years. In these applications, the cable transfers alternating voltage signals to tightly wound wires and compares them at the other end. A big advantage of doing this is that it reduces electromagnetic noise by having equal and opposite signals in a pair of wires. The signal speed was initially standardized to be less than 1gb, but was later modified to 3Gb/s to serve the new high-speed video application. Since then, the demand for twisted pair differential cable has risen in a straight line, serving higher-speed products from surveillance equipment to portable computers.

Typical applications for high-speed twisted pair today go beyond our home computers and gaming devices. The list is long and growing, with speeds increasing above 5Gb/s per line set. Multiple line sets can be used to achieve additional multiples of that. Common uses today include portable computers, helmet visual displays, backpack processors for soldiers’ surveillance systems, compact Ethernet systems, missile seeker heads and gyros, robotic data processors, HDMI TV.


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