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The waterproof connector is being used on the phone

- Jun 01, 2018 -

With the rise of shared bicycles in the past two years, the demand for waterproof connectors used on bicycles has been increasing. With the increasing demand for technology, some mobile phones also use waterproof functions.


Waterproofing has always been an important selling point for mobile phones. Although Apple's current mobile phone does not support this feature, the iPhone may have certain strength in waterproofing in the future. Not long ago, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office announced Apple’s new patent on the waterproof function.
The patent shows that the future iPhone's board-to-board connector can provide a long-lasting and reliable connection, which will save the circuit board a small amount of space. They provide a sturdy and durable seal between the plug and socket of the board-to-board connector. Glue, and the sealant can be an O-ring or a gasket or other seal. The sealant protects the board-to-board connector from exposure to liquids such as water or other corrosive liquids. One or more sealants also allow the components to be protected from external fluids.


In fact, the waterproof function in domestic mobile phones is actually rare, but the Japanese mobile phone more love to use this feature, in addition to Samsung's latest flagship version of the Galaxy S series will also be launched each year three versions, but Apple has no real sense of Try waterproofing, as to when the function will be used by the iPhone, it depends on the R & D team to give power.

Kenhon Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of waterproof connectors for 10 years. It constantly pays attention to the latest developments in the industry. With the increasing popularity of waterproof connectors, more and more industries will use waterproof lines in the future. The introduction of new waterproof wire products to meet the needs of the market and customers. The shared bicycle waterproofing cables that are currently hot are precisely adapted to the market demand.

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