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The use of cable plugs, features and preparation before processing

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Use aspects:

The purpose of the cable plug is very wide. It is mainly used for the signal transmission between various digital PBXs in the transmission equipment bureau, the internal connection and the patch panel of the photoelectric transmission equipment, and is used for transmitting communication equipment such as power supply, signal, data, audio and video. Flame retardant sheath material, high safety factor. Lee Road, the cable plug using advanced technology to make the flame retardant uniform resistance, multi-core cable rack to make laying more convenient.

Preparation of the cable plug before processing:

Tools required for checking cable plugs (scale, hexagon wrench, tap, plate file, hand saw, blade or electrician, special metal scissors, hammer, emery cloth, needle nose pliers, plugs, wire cutters, screwdrivers, copper brushes , Special installation tools) should be ready, intact.

Cable plug shielding and non-shielding what is the meaning. Simply put, if the cable is a metal shell plug is generally shielded; if it is plastic case, before injection, starting from the internal coated with conductive copper foil, is also a shield plug. The purpose of shielding is to improve EMC performance.

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