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The role of the waterproof series of wires in the entire electronics industry

- Aug 07, 2018 -

The role of the waterproof series of wires in the entire electronics industry

Provides an interface to networked cable handling equipment; eliminates operator keystrokes and errors that may be caused by the strokes, because the job is automatically programmed while scanning the ticket; and maintains a central database for all crimp specifications, material specifications , pull data, engineering change notices, etc. It also records the number of cycles per machine, applicator or tool production and when maintenance should be scheduled, and uses a barcode scanner to allow all employees to accurately identify the start and finish times of each job. These scanners also provide employees with access to average productivity and the ability to scan material barcodes to ensure the correct wires, terminals, etc. are used. Centrally connected wire processing equipment also automatically organizes the best processes, considering conversion times, expiration dates, available machines and personnel, and incorporating mandatory quality assurance testing, including crimp height, tensile testing and photomicrography.

Once the company's cable processing equipment is networked with a central server and dedicated software, the possibilities and benefits are almost limitless. This type of centralized control is already common in the machine tool industry and in large wire harness operations. Therefore, with the continuous maturity of network technology, it is almost certain that it will also be adopted and cherished by small and medium-sized wire harness operations. In the near future, the waterproof series of wires will be used in the entire electronics industry to accelerate the reform and development of the electronics industry and play an important role.

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