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The reason why Led lamps are easily broken

- May 24, 2018 -

First: Lamps do not have good heat dissipation. In summer, the weather temperature is relatively high. The LED lights will also heat up. The lamps are burned out.

1. Lamp thermal material is not enough, such as the existing low-quality light bulbs all plastic, there is no cooling radiator, light source heat can not lead out, how is it not bad?

2. The cooling design of lamps and lanterns is irrational. Many lamps and lanterns do not have a thermal design at all. They say that they have been assembled directly and have not been tested through scientific experiments. How is it not bad?


Second, while the installation environment is wet, it was not used with a waterproof connector.

The installation of LED lamp requires a certain amount of space for heat dissipation. If the installation environment is wet, the LED lamps are also easy to be damaged in a humid environment because the LED lamp s are all composed of electronic components. Once wet, the performance of the LED lamps will be easily damaged. In a wet environment, we will use waterproof connectors to install it will not be easy to damage, but also safe. Shenzhen Kenhon Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional waterproof connector manufacturers for 10 years, widely used in various LED lighting projects.

In summer, the led light is easy to be damaged mainly because the quality of the lamps and lanterns is not selected when selecting materials, and the installation environment should be paid attention to when using. For example, under the ground, the bottom lamp must be waterproof in the ground all the year round. Lighting is also required for constant exposure to rain. Shenzhen Kenhon Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional waterproof and waterproof connector manufacturer, and hopes to contribute to the future led lighting industry.

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