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The Global LED Industry is Trapezoidal

- Dec 07, 2018 -

The Global LED Industry is Trapezoidal

The global LED industry is in a pyramid state. The United States, Europe, and Japan are at the top of the pyramid. They are ahead of other countries and regions in terms of technology and output value, and their output accounts for 60%-65% of the world. Taiwan and South Korea are in the middle of the pyramid. The technology is slightly below the first level, mainly because of the large capacity, but the added value of the products is slightly lower, and the output value accounts for 30-35% of the global total. At the low end are mainland China, Malaysia and other places. The main products and technologies are at the lower end, with low production capacity and output value, accounting for 3-6% of the world, but the rate of increase is faster.

In summary, although the United States, Japan, and Germany have high output values, they are in a gradual decline; Taiwan and South Korea are still in the middle; while mainland China and Malaysia have lower output values, they are very prosperous and have a strong development momentum. , in a period of rapid rise and expansion, such as the same dark horse. Therefore, according to the analysis of the current situation, it can be expected that in the near future, the LED output value of mainland China will most likely greatly exceed that of foreign countries.

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