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​Spring thimble gold-plated component of M19 waterproof connector

- Jan 08, 2019 -

Spring thimble gold-plated component of M19 waterproof connector

The main function of the spring thimble connector is determined by the equipment used, it must have some resistance to pressure and unique use. The generation and development of spring thimble connectors is due to the fact that conventional connectors are easily damaged in harsh environments, resulting in reduced efficiency of use, but in such an environment, regardless of repair or replacement, the cost is increased, resulting in extreme Inconvenient influence, so in this case, the Shenzhen connector manufacturers gradually replaced the common connector with the spring thimble connector.

How to ensure the gold-plated ingredients of the spring thimble

Shenzhen connector manufacturers found that the spring thimble connector has the advantages of long service life, small size, and easy installation and replacement compared with the conventional connector. The spring thimble is a small component. The Shenzhen spring thimble manufacturer has extremely high requirements on its technology and production technology. We will explain it by the spring thimble manufacturer. A spring thimble plating can directly affect the quality of a finished product, and determine whether a product is quality or scrapped.


The spring thimble consists of a needle, a needle tube and a spring. Let us first talk about the spring plating process of the Shenzhen spring thimble manufacturer. The spring thimble spring is generally made of beryllium copper, stainless steel, and piano steel wire. Various materials have their unique characteristics. Shenzhen manufacturers will have some basic considerations when designing the spring: working temperature, impedance, and elastic force requirements. The spring is basically silver plated. For better plating, it can directly affect the quality of a spring thimble connector. The conductive material will be gold-plated. Gold can improve electrical conductivity and high thermal performance, as well as oxidation and corrosion resistance.

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