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specification of M16 Metal Waterproof IP67 Cable Circular Connector

- Jan 09, 2018 -

Model No.: M16

Shape: Circular

Color: Black, white, accept customization

Working temperature: -40°C~ + 105°C

Storage temperature: -25°C~85°C

Atmospheric pressure: (86~106)KPA

Relative humidity: ≤90%

Method: Welding/Stamping

Interface type: AC/DC

Max cable OD: Φ3.5mm~Φ8.5mm

Joiner: Φ1.5-2.0

Jack material: PA

Core: 2-5

Pin: 2-5

Forming: Injection molding

Voltage rate: AC250V

Current rate: 3-20A

Withstand voltage: 1.5KV/1minute

Waterproof rate: IP67

Wire materials: PVC, Rubber, Teflon and etc.

Range: 24AWG-14AWG


M16 03.jpg

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