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Power distribution box for street lamps​

- Nov 28, 2018 -

Power distribution box for street lamps

 Street lamp distribution box introduction

1. The fuse box for the street lamp system is designed to adapt to field installation;
2. The fuse box is installed between the power supply network of street lamp and the light bulb;
3. As a protective device for the circuit of street lamp and other components, the fuse box can be selected to cut off the circuit of street lamp in case of failure.
Technical description of street lamp distribution box
The housing of street lamp distribution box is made of high quality PC plastic, and the internal branch terminals are all made of brass materials. They are directly rammed into the nylon card slot.
Used for street lamp distribution box
Applicable to power distribution system, widely used in airport, expressway, tunnel, bridge, road and residential district lighting power distribution engineering.
Installation instructions of street lamp distribution box
Open the box cover, loosen the inner hexagon bolts, peel off the insulation layer of the three-phase four-wire power supply inlet and outlet head about 35mm, plug in the power inlet and outlet holes, tighten the bolts, connect the outlet end of the circuit breaker or fuse to the street lamp wires, and close the box cover.

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