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Pin of Spring

- Jan 08, 2019 -

Pin of Spring 

First, the high temperature performance of high quality spring needle:

At present, high quality pogo pins have an operating temperature of 200 ° C and a low temperature of -65 ° C. Since the current generates heat at the contact point due to the connection, the temperature rise is generally considered to be equal to the sum of the ambient temperature and the junction temperature rise. In some specifications, the allowable temperature rise of the connector at rated operating current is specified.

Second, the high-quality spring needle moisture resistance:

Intrusion of moisture can affect the insulation properties of the connector and rust metal parts. The constant damp heat test conditions are relative humidity of 90% to 95% and temperature of +40 ± 20 ° C. The test time is as low as 96 hours according to product specifications. The high quality spring needle alternating damp heat test is more stringent.

Third, high-quality spring needle vibration and impact resistance:

The vibration and shock resistance of high quality pogo pins is an important feature of electrical connectors. It is especially important in special applications such as aerospace and aerospace, railway and road transportation. It is to verify the robustness and electrical contact of the mechanical structure of electrical connectors. An important indicator of reliability. There are clear regulations in the relevant test methods. Peak acceleration, duration, and shock pulse waveforms, as well as the time of electrical continuity interruption, should be specified in the impact test.

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