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Main performance of led wall lamp waterproof plug

- Nov 12, 2018 -

Material is good

First, led wash wall light waterproof plug it USES is with strong corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of copper processing, and so on the strength of the material and quality level is also an advantage, produces each kind of type of waterproof plug after customers to use to give the evaluation of degree is high, the in the process of electrical materials on the market also will occupy a certain advantage, main situation when select material to more professional first-class, is to let the plug can achieve durable effect.

Safety and environmental protection

Led wash wall light waterproof plug used the national first-class level of material processing, so it is on the environmental and safety coefficient can significantly improve, in many of the electrical material launched on the market, all feel that the advantages are more and more, in order to see the security environmental protection effect also is very good, in the processing point of view, can see out the window of the plug is diversity and characteristics, bring on the choice of customers is also very satisfied.When analyzing the structure characteristics and technology of this waterproof plug, its safety and environmental protection are very good, and it meets the national quality standard.

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