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M12 Waterproof Wire, Cable, and Assemblies

- Sep 14, 2018 -

The new M12 rail cable assemblies for heavy industry applications are preassembled to reduce installation time, are robust, withstand severe shock and vibration, provide data speeds up to 10Gb/s, and have compact straight lines and right-angle connectors for narrow areas. They use high-speed cables with a unique compression cable strain removal design that eliminates conductor breakage and creates tamper-proof mounting to prevent connector accidental disconnection and sealing to IP67.Ideal applications include public transport such as trains, trams and subways, as well as heavy industrial equipment.

Our products are well suited to harsh environments such as refining and extraction, industrial automation and frequency conversion drives (VFD).New solutions to provide 20-16 AWG, with two or more conductors, PVC or PVC/nylon insulation, as well as TPE jacket, can withstand the extreme conditions, including cold bending to to 40 ° C, FT4 level flame, oil content and 1000 hours of xenon arc weathering. The new solution, available in 20-16 AWG with two or more conductors, XLPE insulation and TPE sheath, can withstand 1,000 pounds of mechanical shock and 1,000 pounds of mechanical breakage.

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