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LED Display Waterproof Problem

- Nov 09, 2018 -

LED Display Waterproof Problem

The first generation of plastic industrial waterproof connectors often presents some problems in their application. For example, first, the waterproof is not reliable. Since the male and female are connected to the traditional nut docking and locking plan, the construction personnel use the hand-tight method to connect the male and female plugs when the field is installed in the field. When tightening, use more force, and how many turns are not accurately specified. It is difficult to define whether it is completely tightened, and the construction supervisors do not simply use the simple method to do the same, unless each review is repeated.

The quality accidents of many field projects are due to the fact that the system is not tightly sealed and the waterproofing problem is not working properly. For example, the led scene lighting project, usually to the rainy day scene font and generalization, it is difficult to find the lack of arms and legs, first of all, the connector is not waterproof.


Secondly, the connection cable and the rear end of the waterproof plug are not securely fastened, and there is often the possibility of electric leakage. Because the tail lock nut of the first generation "post-mounted" waterproof connector is locked by the manual method rather than the east-west lock. Tight, on the one hand, the operator's effort is too large, together can not accurately define the locking torque, forming leakage is not waterproof.


Third, the shape and volume planning is too large. In some engineering projects that require space or require shade planning, the connector is usually exposed in vitro, and the aesthetics of the overall project is reduced.


Fourth, the touch impedance in the PIN pin is too high after the male and female plugs are connected. Since the first generation of products are mostly finished with metal stamping, the contact between the male and female PINs after the male and female PIN connections is usually not tight enough to form a large electric resistance, and the joint is heated. If it is under high temperature conditions in summer, it is easy to form its own equipment and engineering. The danger of fire.


The plastic industrial waterproof connector is planned on the basis of DFMEA (planned failure form analysis) analysis, infrared heat impression analysis, wind tunnel simulation experiment, and the product has many advantages.


First, in the male and female plug docking waterproof planning, the similar machine tool and fixture industry used to select the "three-jaw chuck" plan, the biggest advantage of this plan is that it can accurately guide the male and female plugs for docking and The accurate fixed connection reaches the waterproof, and there is a plan for a small bump. Even in the dark area, the operator can judge whether it is the position by listening to the sound and the touch.


Secondly, the "back-mounted" LED display waterproof connector is connected to the rear of the cable and the connector. The sealing industry classic uses the standard "hex nut" to fix it. This aspect increases the convenience of cable fixing together. It can accept the use of the general wrench art tool to completely replace the manual and easily reach the screwing, greatly reducing the construction strength and improving the reliability of the cable connection.


Third, the smaller and more flexible size planning, very good shade itself, will be the "behind the scenes".


Fourth, the LED display waterproof connector shell plastic uses environmentally-friendly and recyclable engineering materials. The PIN pin is connected to the machine tool for turning and gold plating on the surface, which makes the electrical connection more stable and reliable. The touch resistance is lower, and the system power loss is reduced. It is true. Green connector. The product has a wide range of applications, such as LED field lighting, electric vehicles, solar power, street lighting, and shipbuilding.

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