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Kenhon Electronics Tells You Which Parts of the Connector are Composed.

- Dec 04, 2018 -

Kenhon Electronics Tells You Which Parts of the Connector are Composed.

Standard connectors typically consist of a housing, a contact and a locating key, and some circuit identification. The molded case is an injection molded part of a thermoplastic material that supports the contact portion of the pin spring and the like, and enables the component to be firmly and accurately placed in contact. It has anti-fouling, dustproof, moisture-proof and protection of contact parts and conduction. At the same time, the molded case also acts as an insulator between the multiple circuits.

Terminal, the term is derived from the spoken terminal (f} h, }) and its English expression is contact. As the name implies, the function is to contact the components that are connected to each other by the mutual contact. The terminals are brass, phosphor bronze, copper-based materials such as copper, which are stamped and formed according to the future use environment. The factors are formed by gold plating, nickel plating, tin plating and the like.

Electronic connectors are generally multi-circuit parallel products with multiple multi-pin positions. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the pins are seated. If such a correspondence error occurs, it may cause an open circuit or a short circuit. In extreme cases, circuit accidents may occur, and the impact is huge. Therefore, the connector must be designed at the beginning to ensure that the operator does not misuse, that is to say, only when the pins of the matching seat are inserted into each other, the product cannot be inserted. These are all done by the locating keys. The circuit identification is a number or graphic symbol that allows the user to correctly identify the pin number when the connector has multiple pins. This symbol is owned at the beginning of the molded case design and is reserved when the injection mold is built. It is a necessary identification for a safe and effective connector product.

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