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Is a Waterproof Socket Really Necessary?

- Jan 19, 2019 -

Is a Waterproof Socket Really Necessary?

With the improvement of the quality of life, we are more and more sophisticated about the details of home decoration, such as sockets, we used the same socket in different functional rooms, but some have more powerful space, such as the bathroom. , kitchen, etc., when we cook in the kitchen, the socket on the wall will inevitably stick to water and oil stains, and it is not easy to clean. The bathroom often has water mist after bathing. If you do not use waterproof socket, then the socket will be invisible. The safety hazard, is that waterproof socket really necessary?

Our common waterproof socket is the splash-proof cover on the socket. Generally, the splash-proof box mainly prevents the socket from splashing water and dust during the unused time. It mainly uses the sealing method to protect the position of the jack. The bull is used as the switch socket. The leading brand, the people's demands in this regard can be said to be very thoughtful, designed transparent and opaque splash box, can provide more choices for families.

The splash-proof box of the waterproof socket not only functions as waterproof, dust-proof and oil-proof, but also wipes the socket more easily and conveniently. Its appearance is also more neat and beautiful, and it can be said that both functionality and aesthetics are combined. There are also more and more families using waterproof sockets.

However, there are many waterproof sockets on the market, the quality is uneven, so you must look at the performance of the waterproof connector when you choose. Generally, the IP68 is the highest waterproof level. If you use the home, the IP66 can be used. However, after using the waterproof socket, the installation position is also very particular, the waterproof socket is best to choose a higher position, and the waterproof socket is only waterproof to a certain extent, the sealing is not 100%, so try not to be close to the pool, The shower area prevents the water mist from affecting the socket, and most families convert the balcony into a kitchen. Therefore, the waterproof socket should be protected from direct sunlight when installing, avoiding the aging of the plastic box. Can extend the practical life of the socket.

In order to better use the electricity environment for the family, we must use the quality socket products here to ensure safety, enjoy a better home life, and provide a more modern living atmosphere for the warm and comfortable family.

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