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In addition to waterproof, waterproof connectors should also pay attention to the following problems?

- Aug 23, 2018 -

In Addition to Waterproof, Waterproof Connectors Should Also Pay Attention to the Following Problems?

If the performance of the waterproof connector is only waterproof, then this product is too singular and does not provide much help to the market. Compared with other industrial connectors, the waterproof connector is particularly important in any place where there is water . So what do you need to pay attention to in a high-quality waterproof connector? Of course, in addition to the essential role of waterproofing, one of the things that need to be paid attention to is mechanical performance. Mechanical properties mainly refer to the insertion force and pull-out force of the waterproof connector. Another point is the environmental adaptability of the waterproof connector.

1. Mechanical properties, insertion force and pull-out force. The insertion force and pull-out force of the waterproof connector must conform to the corresponding hard standard. Imagine what happens if the insertion force of the waterproof connector is too high. When we install the waterproof connector, the insertion force is too high, which makes the insertion difficult, which is very difficult, and the long time may bring safety hazards to the whole machine.


2. Pay attention to the applicable environment. At the time of purchase, the corresponding waterproof connector should be selected according to the working environment of the equipment. The operating temperature range and operating humidity range of the waterproof connector must be greater than the temperature and humidity at which the device operates. Need to have good low impact resistance and the ability to squeeze or even vibrate. At the point of high temperature resistance, a high-quality waterproof connector can work normally under its high and low temperature specifications, and its parts and performance cannot be affected or destroyed due to the temperature.


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