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How to Order an Assembled Waterproof Connector?

- Jan 07, 2019 -


 How to Order an Assembled Waterproof Connector?


     At present, the assembled waterproof joints are divided into two types: the first one is solder type wiring; the second type is lock screw (crimping) wiring. So how do you choose the right assembled waterproof joint?


1. Firstly, it is necessary to clearly use the case. For high waterproof performance, use thread butt.

   Three types of docking joints:

   Threaded, (the vast majority are currently threaded butt)

   Fast card type, for example: M18 nylon solder type -07 (fast card type) (quick docking, poor waterproof effect)

   Self-card type, for example: M15 nylon solder type -04 (self-card type) (quick docking, poor waterproof effect)


2. Select solder wiring or lock screw (crimp) wiring as needed

    Reference case: Soldering wiring For example: M12 nylon soldering type-01

     Lock screw (crimp) wiring For example: M20 nylon screw type -03


3, according to the size of the wire diameter, select the appropriate size of the assembly joint (small wire diameter with small joints, large diameter with large joints)


4. According to whether it needs to be disassembled frequently after docking, choose male or female docking or extension

Reference case: male and female docking For example: M22 nylon screw type -05

Extended type For example: M20 nylon screw type -03


5. Select the assembly connector that can be used with the panel (or tee) as needed.

Reference case: Assembled joints For example: M12 nylon solder type-01

Panel connector For example: M12 nylon panel-01 (rear type male panel)

kENHON is able to provide customers with customized wire and wire, joint R&D, design and manufacture, and mass production of one-stop custom design services. Jianhong waterproof joints have been widely used at home and abroad, welcome to contact us.


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