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how to correctly choose correctly male and female waterproof plugs

- Jun 09, 2018 -

Since the plugs on the market have been upgraded to waterproof plugs, there are more and more brand manufacturers processing and production, and competition in brand competition and sales is fierce. In order to be able to find a brand of male and female waterproof plugs that are cost-effective, presumably most When customers go to the market to purchase, they still need to master some basic points in order to make customer choices more satisfying.

Plug safety performance

First of all, safety performance is the prerequisite to purchase and purchase points. If the male and female waterproof plug brands often encounter faults or hidden dangers in sales or customer evaluation, most customers will not consider buying. From this we can see that with regard to the continuous upgrading and updating of safety performance, it will be known at the time of use that the design of the plug will still be more professional and first-class, achieving an increasingly high performance-price ratio. After the safety performance has been continuously upgraded, they all feel that they will still be more professional in structural design.

Model size and use of collocation

Since the male and female waterproof plugs are designed with a variety of models and are different in use, especially when voltage and current requirements are different, the size of the models and the matching effect must be further increased when selecting them. A suitable one, so that when installing and using it can be seen that the advantages and features of it will be more, from the perspective of manufacturers, in the comparison process will certainly make the customer satisfied and recognized. When using in different fields, the thickness of the socket or wire should be clear to see if it is more reasonable, and when it is installed and used, the advantages are more and more obvious.

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