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Home Improvement Waterproof SeveralMajor Mistakes

- Dec 07, 2018 -

Home Improvement Waterproof SeveralMajor Mistakes

Shenzhen Kenhon Technology is a professional waterproof connector manufacturer for ten years. If we are rough in the newly renovated house, it will easily lead to leakage of houses or unblocked sewers, which will seriously affect the living. Warm reminders that new and old customers need to pay attention to several aspects when they are waterproofing at home:

Home improvement waterproofing is an important concealed project. Once leaking, furniture and walls are mildewed, but the decoration is damaged, the neighborhood is lost, and the loss is tens of thousands. To avoid the problem of moisture and leakage, it is necessary to understand the misunderstanding of water quality and the quality supervision, so that there is no “wet”.

Misunderstanding 1: The waterproof layer of the developer is qualified, and it is not necessary to do waterproofing when it is installed. However, when decorating, taking into account the living habits of the owners and other factors, it will increase the bathroom facilities and re-layout or move a variety of upper and lower water pipes/lines, which will seriously damage the original waterproof layer. If it is not waterproof, leakage will occur.

Coping strategy: Try to protect the original waterproof layer from damage, otherwise you must remove the original waterproof layer and redo the waterproof.

Misunderstanding 2: When decorating, just do waterproofing. However, the indoor bathroom and kitchen have high humidity on the base surface, many pipes, cold and heat affected by pipes, and detergent erosion. The performance of the waterproofing agent is very high. If the inferior material is used carelessly, it will directly lead to leakage. .

Coping strategy: Choose the quality of the brand that is produced by regular manufacturers and has good reputation.

Misunderstanding 3: Just waterproof the holes around the pipes and floor drains. However, the situation such as bathing will cause the water to penetrate into the tile and tile joints on the ground, causing leakage.

Coping strategy: waterproof construction site should be comprehensive: pipe, floor drain and other holes around, sanitary ware and other equipment, bathroom floor, wall (return height is not less than 1.8 meters), kitchen and balcony floor, wall (return high Should not be less than 0.3 m) should be waterproof.

Myth 4: All parts are waterproof and OK. Note: Regardless of the waterproof material, there is a standard construction method. If you cut corners, it will leak.

Coping strategy: Waterproof construction in strict accordance with the instructions on the outer packaging of the product, or directly call the manufacturer for consultation.

Waterproof connector manufacturer Jianhong technology warm reminder decoration waterproof is the main point in the home improvement, so we do not want to save money or use cheap waterproof coating, this will lose more costs. In addition, after the waterproof construction is completed, the closed water test must be completed for 24 hours. Of course, you can also do 48 hours to ensure that the next process is carried out without water leakage!

I hope this article can help you.


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