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Global Waterproof Connectors: Based on Product, Application

- Aug 03, 2018 -

Professional design and production of waterproof connectors for automotive manufacturers, automotive security monitoring (camera) and other high-end products, products using environmentally friendly, cold-resistant, high-temperature materials production, up to ip165-ip168 waterproof standard

Suitable for outdoor applications such as LED strips, LED spotlights, LED wall-washing, LED billboard lighting, LED floodlighting, LED street lighting and LED outdoor displays.

Outdoor waterproof connectors are used in cable joints where waterproofing is required. They are commonly used in high-power lamps, such as wall washers, outdoor spotlights, bridge tunnel lights, street lights, field exploration equipment, and large electronic displays.

Suitable for industrial automation equipment, film and television lighting and audio equipment and engineering. For example: injection molding machines, extruders, power generation equipment, packaging machinery (heat shrink packaging machine) air conditioning units, lighting, energy generation, reefer containers.

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