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Global Waterproof Connector Brand Introduction

- Jan 16, 2019 -

Global Waterproof Connector Brand Introduction

Waterproof connectors are an electronic component commonly used in the industrial control field. Famous foreign brands include Phoenix, Amphenol, Harting, Binder, and Molex. ), there is a certain gap in technology. However, through the development in recent years, some high-quality connector manufacturers have also been born in China, including the Shengera connector brand.

Shenzhen Shenggena Electronics Co., Ltd. currently produces and develops M series waterproof connectors, which are widely used. It has excellent performance and can be applied to industrial equipment with relatively harsh environment. The quality is trusted by customers! Through independent research and development, it can help customers to develop products that match their own industrial equipment. And while ensuring the same quality, the price has a very large discount compared to European and American brand manufacturers.

1. Industrial circular connector, product type: M5, M8, M12, M18 or M23;

Second, industrial communication network connector, product type: DeviceNet, Profibus, Can-bus, etc.;

Third, military connectors, industrial I / O connectors, temperature sensor cables, solenoid valve connectors, power cords;

Fourth, junction box, wiring cable;

History has created a world brand, and the brand has achieved good quality. With 9 years of production and R&D experience, Signer Connector has an leading position in the field of domestic connectors. The company attaches great importance to the development and research of connector technology, keeping up with the forefront of technology, and is the first in the country to independently develop international cutting-edge technology products such as M12 X-type connectors. To lay the foundation for expanding domestic and foreign markets.

Choose a quality industrial connector, the quality is guaranteed to avoid the impact on the performance of industrial equipment. Shengerna Electronics Co., Ltd. is your trusted connector expert.

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