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Four principles of LED waterproof connector

- May 23, 2018 -

First, the principle of contacts:

In fact, the most critical design of the waterproof connector is the contact formed by the female terminal and the male pin. Poor design, process, and unsuitable base materials and plating can all lead to undesirable contact and even failure to form contacts. Conversely, too much positive clamping force can cause excessive wear on the surface coating of the connector and shorten its mechanical life, ie, the number of plugs.

The contacts are designed with round needles and terminals for lathes. Palladium nickel has high hardness and low voidage, so its corrosion resistance is good. Gold has high chemical stability, low hardness, and high cost. In contrast, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Second, the production principle:

Most of the traditional power waterproof connectors are lathed. Based on the mature stamping technology, a new generation of stamped power connectors has been derived. In contrast, the lathe processing process is relatively simple, and the grinding tool set-up time is short, which is a more flexible production technology. Although the stamping molding process is relatively expensive, the cost is comparable to the lathe processing in the mass production. In particular, the stamping molding technology allows local electroplating, which is an option that lathe processing cannot provide. From the quality point of view, under the condition of long-term mass production, press forming ensures a certain quality stability, which is not comparable to the lathe processing.

Third, the assembly principle:

Circuit board assembly methods are crimped, surface mounted or soldered; cable assembly methods are screwed, soldered, wound, milled and IDC (known as pierce connection or insulation


Fourth, the principle of configuration:

From the configuration point of view, there are two different power connectors. The signal terminals on the composite connector are generally predominant, while the power terminals are on the minority. As for pure power connectors or power modules, the terminals are all high-current terminals. Traditionally, power connectors are mostly exclusively designed, and each brand is different.


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