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Four major points in the development of the connector market 2018

- Aug 07, 2018 -

In recent years, waterproof connectors have developed rapidly in China. From the development trend of waterproof connector, what are the aspects that deserve attention and are particularly interesting?

First of all, the rapid development of 5G communication. China is actively making efforts to build a 5G network, which means that a new huge cake is waiting for Chinese and foreign telecom equipment manufacturers to "cutting with a knife". Many telecommunications equipment manufacturers have already participated in the investment and testing of 5G.

Secondly, the demand for aerospace connectors is increasing. At present, our country is speeding up the military modernization and information construction, the rapid growth of the new equipment demand will make the military connector market expand rapidly.

Third, the demand for smart mobile terminals is stable. In recent years, wearable devices, Internet of things and other fields have developed rapidly, and new requirements have been put forward for the connector industry, especially for FPC series products. The demand of connectors tends to be stable in these filed.

Finally, automotive connectors and industrial connectors may open up a new growth spaces for the connector market.

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