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F-type power lamp waterproof plug long life

- Dec 22, 2017 -

F-type power lamp waterproof plug long life

The construction of our city is getting better and better, no matter it is the traffic arteries or township roads, the construction is very good now, especially at night lighting, all our regions have begun to expand the scope of expansion in the construction of street lamps, we must Add the purchase of waterproof plugs, because usually, when the wind and rain outside the open environment is not the indoor environment, there must be waterproof equipment, so most of the customers in the construction of street lamps will choose waterproof plugs, this by Kenhon Technology Co., Ltd. Produced products in the peer product life assessment longer, so it is more suitable for our current scientific concept of development.

F type waterproof electrical connector plug (2).jpg

1. Waterproof design is good

General products are used indoors effect is good, but in normal times when the outdoor use will always be connected, in which case most of the time because there is water, the circuit is not waterproof or plug rain and electricity, in order to prevent This situation occurs, we are using waterproof design good products, from the Kenhon Technology Co., Ltd. procurement of F-type power street light waterproof plug, this plug in the outdoors, the waterproof design is good, do not worry about circuit failure.


  2Low maintenance frequency


In the outdoor installation of the circuit or lamp, the failure frequency is much higher, especially we usually used for lighting design of street lamps, maintenance workers re-examination more frequent, if we want to reduce the frequency of such maintenance, it is recommended to choose to compare Good F-type power street light waterproof plug, because this plug in the light when the internal connection circuit comes with waterproof performance, a good water isolation circuit, the probability of failure will be small.


  3Product cost-effective


Buy products, of course, is the product of high quality better, but also need to consider economic issues, we best buy cost-effective, affordable and quality guaranteed, such as cost-effective F-type power street light waterproof plug, waterproof, use Long life, saving economic costs.

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