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Engineers Tell You the Classification of Waterproof Connectors for Multi-domain Applications

- Jan 15, 2019 -

Engineers Tell You the Classification of Waterproof Connectors for Multi-domain Applications

The wire-to-wire connection also includes a wire-to-wire or cable-to-cable form, which is characterized by two single-wire individuals or corresponding wires of two cables being permanently connected to each other. These permanent connections are more commonly found in fixed connection center-to-wire connections and IDC connections. Crimp connections are common in discontinuous wire connectors. IDC is often used to control cable connectors because of its superiority in wire-related and wire-end processing. Wire-to-wire connectors have a wide variety of geometric shapes. Supporting members such as plastic parts of right angle and round polymeric shape, as well as plastic parts and metal shielded casings of a combination of many different shapes, are mainly used in the military.

Board-to-board connectors, one is a single-piece connector or a card edge, and the other is a two-piece connector. The first board-to-board connector is placed on the edge of the board, so called the card edge, which will eventually become a two-piece connector, because the technical performance and size of the printed circuit board is growing, as the board size increases, As a result, the capacity of the connector is increased, and the number of terminals is increased, the plugging force of the connector is increased, and the capacity of the circuit board printed circuit is increased, which causes the line density to be too large, and the single-chip connector is difficult to meet the requirements. It will eventually evolve into a two-piece connector.

In the online board connection, half of the connectors are connected to the wires or cables, and also to the printed circuit board. Just like the above-mentioned wire connections, the same is true for the board connection, except that two connectors need to be pressed or soldered, many The card-edge connector is still in use, its terminal mating interface is suitable for separable connectivity, and the wire-to-wire connectors are similar, all from the same manufacturer. Wire-to-board connectors also have many other uses, either in the form of cable-to-board connectors or by cable assembly using the advantages of the aforementioned IDC.

The appearance of waterproof connectors can be said to be a big boon for us. It is widely used, and I need waterproof connectors in many areas, such as industrial lighting, such as LED lighting, urban outdoor lighting projects, lighthouses, cruise ships, aviation, industrial equipment, cables, sprinklers, etc. A waterproof connector is required. Due to strict application requirements in the military field, a large number of waterproof connectors, such as submarine connectors and submarine-launched missile connectors, are widely used.

Kenhon, as a professional connector manufacturer, has been focusing on the development and sales of waterproof connectors for 13 years. It has accumulated rich technical experience and strong strength, and now has a good reputation in the national connector market. Word of mouth, products through the cooperation with the Renyi foreign trade team, the products have moved to more than 40 countries and regions at home and abroad. Main products: waterproof connectors, BNC connectors, sma connectors, tnc connectors, F-type connectors, etc.

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