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Electrical properties of the basic properties of waterproof plugs

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Electrical properties of waterproof plugs include contact resistance, insulation resistance and current and power intensity and other four aspects. Next, let's specifically analyze the waterproof plug's contact resistance and insulation resistance of two important electrical properties.

First, waterproof plug contact resistance. Contact resistance is widely used in the electrical performance of waterproof plugs. The contact resistance of a high quality and durable waterproof plug meets the needs of low and stable applications. Waterproof plug contact resistance range fluctuations, ranging from a few milliohms to dozens of milliohms, with parameters depending on the actual performance and characteristics of waterproof plugs may be.

Second, the waterproof plug insulation resistance: Insulation resistance is also an important indicator of the electrical performance of waterproof plugs, insulation resistance and contact resistance is the electrical performance of the waterproof plugs two vaults, which together determine the waterproof plug resistance performance is good or bad. The specific role of insulation resistance is to measure the waterproof plug between the various contacts and the contact between the shell and the insulation properties of an important indicator of its value to be within the scope of the industry regulations, otherwise it will lead to waterproof plug can not be normal or can not be used perfectly . Insulation resistance of waterproof plugs range from several hundred megohms to several megohms, depending on the actual situation.

Other electrical properties of the waterproof plug there are many, such as engage in electrical strength or withstand voltage, current, electromagnetic interference leakage attenuation (the range is usually between 100MHz ~ 10GHz frequency) and so on.

If you are using the RF coaxial waterproof plug, the electrical performance also includes the characteristic impedance, insertion loss, reflection coefficient, voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) and so on.

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