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Connector Terminal Design Considerations

- Nov 13, 2018 -

Connector Terminal Design Considerations

   Terminal design: Common terminal design includes contact parts, cantilever, barb, solder foot and strip and plating design. The contact part design and the general contact method have three contact modes: face, line and point. Among them, the point contact method is the most reliable. In order to ensure contact reliability, the mobile phone connector is used to punch the convex hull at the contact portion of the terminal. In addition, it is also necessary to select a suitable bending radius for the contact area. The smaller the bending radius, the more likely it is to cause cracks. In addition, the contact area of the terminal must be free of burrs to avoid affecting the contact reliability with the connected device.

   Terminal wall structure design: pay attention to positive force, permanent deformation, friction force, insertion force.

   Terminal positive side: F=W Width E Elastic coefficient b Pressing amount h^3 Thickness cube/4L^3 Length cube.

   Permanent deformation: 6F positive force L wall length / W width H ^ 2 thickness squared.

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