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Cable Insulation Piercing Connector

- Jan 19, 2019 -

Cable Insulation Piercing Connector

In order to ensure long-term stable electrical and mechanical properties of the connector, the product is made of high-quality materials and the connector structure is carefully designed. The contact blades are made of a specific high-point material to ensure optimum contact on the wire and for copper and aluminum. The housing is made of reinforced engineering plastic, which not only maintains elasticity at normal temperature, but also maintains elasticity and high strength at high temperatures. The waterproof seal is made of high quality rubber and silicone. The housing and seal are resistant to UV rays, moisture and temperature changes and erosion.

After precise force calculation, the connector tightening torque nut is used to overcome the instability of the traditional connection method when tightening to the optimal puncture force, the torque nut resistance and the best thermal cycle state.

Power cable insulation piercing connector features:

1. Mechanical properties: The connector is not broken under the action of the wire breaking force.

2. Waterproof insulation performance: underwater insulation strength up to 15KV (medium voltage) / 6KV (low pressure).

3. Temperature rise performance: When a large current is passed, the temperature rise of the connector is lower than the temperature rise of the connecting wire.

4. Electrical performance: Special torque bolts ensure constant puncture pressure and ensure good electrical contact.

5. Easy operation: puncture structure, no need to cut off the cable, the insulated wire does not need to be stripped.

6. Wide application range: suitable for copper-copper butt joint, aluminum-aluminum butt joint, copper-aluminum transition, and reducer wire connection (1.5mm2~400mm2), with purchase.

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