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Benefits and reasons for using cable glands

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Produced at room temperature patina, the inner conductor and the connector to form an oxide film insulation, can be considered as an equivalent capacitance. Lower frequency current of high-frequency current is easier to pass, showing high and low end signals have attenuation, but the low-end attenuation is more serious. The low end of the client performance is low, there may be a variety of interference network

If the cable connector damp or water, 60V power supply cable transmission, the inner conductor and the outer conductor easily discharge, generate a lot of heat, the inner conductor will be a dramatic oxidation reaction, the formation of black copper oxide.

Commonly used outer conductor of aluminum-magnesium alloy wire, aluminum and magnesium are chemically more lively metals, once the connector into the water, the internal and external conductors discharge occurs, generate a lot of heat, will make the outer conductor corrosion faster.

As the waterproof joint construction process is more complex, various manufacturers of products varies greatly, the uneven level of construction personnel, and the use of waterproof connectors for maintenance and repair inconvenience, so some places do not use waterproof connectors, but the use of ordinary RF head.

In some places, a simple method is adopted: installing a rain cover. Although this method is relatively original, it is effective, and solves the problem of water inflow to a certain extent, but at the same time it also brings the problem of heat dissipation. The performance index will inevitably decline.

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