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Automotive Complexity Sparks Shift in Connector

- Aug 04, 2018 -

Automakers are relying more on electronic technologies to differentiate products and add safety systems that pave the way to autonomous driving. The resulting increase in complexity is prompting OEMs to adopt design tools that go beyond geometric data. Connectors are an important factor as the automotive industry makes the transition to modeling and simulation tools that provide functional data like behavioral and business information. Understanding all the signals that move through connectors and wiring harnesses is one of the goals at General Motors (GM).              

Most companies use Mentor Capital, a suite of tools designed for electrical systems and harnesses, as one of the tools in their product lifecycle management plans. Harnesses and connectors are one of the largest and most complex systems in modern vehicles and are a key element in the design phase.

As electronics become a major differentiator across the automotive industry, the size and complexity of harnesses and the connectors that connect them will soar. Factors behind rapid changes in wiring: and the adoption of more safety systems such as lane departure warnings and emergency braking.

Kenhon Technology Co., Ltd. also follows the development of the times, rapidly transforms traditional production methods, increases research and development efforts, and improves product quality.

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