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Automotive and Industrial Connectors Will Open New Growth

- Jan 12, 2019 -

Automotive and Industrial Connectors Will Open New Growth

In recent years, the ecological environment has become harsh and environmental awareness has gradually increased. The global market has begun to restrict fuel vehicles and accelerate the development of new energy vehicles. Especially in China, 2025, the demand for industrial connectors is higher and larger.

The automotive sector is expected to open up new growth. In the new energy vehicles, driverless, ADAS and car networking, automotive electronics will continue to grow, from 30% to more than 60% at this stage. The automotive industry chain TE, MOLEX, etc. occupy the car. Leading position of connectors, Chinese manufacturers are also limited in intellectual property rights, which is relatively difficult in the market. However, automotive and industrial needs are huge, and domestic substitution is becoming more and more obvious. Regardless of function, price, after-sales service, domestic connector manufacturers are still Has a very big chance.

Shenzhen Kenhon develops three new energy vehicle connectors, the first generation of central control instrument, the second generation of central control instrument, 47PIN panoramic sunroof lifting connector, the products are exported to the United States.

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