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About IP67 Waterproof Connector of Kenhon

- Aug 13, 2018 -

IP67 waterproof connectors are usually housed in the enclosure or housing so as to prevent water and dust entering. They are often used in harsh environments where water and dust must be removed.

Each word of "IP67 Waterproof Connector" has its important meaning. “IP” refers to ingress protection. And the first number immediately following the "IP" corresponds to the connector's ability to resist solid particles. For example, the ability to prevent dust from intruding into the outer casing. The second number refers to the ability to protect the shell against liquid interference. So far as IP67, “6” indicate that connector can protect the shell from dust, and “7” meaning that connector can be submerged one meter underwater for 30 minutes without flooding. These ratings do not mean that the connectors can operate in a specific underwater environment, but that they can work properly when removed from the water without leakage.

Kenhon was established in 2007 which has developed and produced varies of ip67 waterproof connectors that are widely used in industrial machines, test and measurement equipment, navigation systems, communications systems and outdoor LED. For example, m8 waterproof connector, m12 waterproof connector, m16 waterproof connector and so on. 

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