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A new generation of waterproof connectors, no worries about waterproof any more

- May 23, 2018 -


Shenzhen KenhonTechnology developed a new generation of waterproof connectors,no worries about waterproof any more. Terminals have great wisdom. As we all know, the first generation of plastic industrial waterproof connectors often have problems in use. For example, first, waterproof is not reliable. Because the male and female mothers generally adopt the traditional nut butt locking design after plugging in, when the construction personnel installs on the outdoor site, the male and female plugs are connected by manual tightening. When tightening, use more force, and how many revolutions are not precisely defined, resulting in It is difficult to define whether it is fully tightened, and it is not easy for construction supervisors to carry out inspections one by one in a simple way, unless each one is checked again.


First, the quality accidents of many outdoor projects are due to the lack of tight seals, and the problem of waterproofing prevents the system from operating properly. For example, led landscape lighting projects, often to the rainy day landscape fonts and outlines appear missing arm and leg spasms, mainly the connector is not waterproof caused.

Second, the connection of the connection cable to the rear of the waterproof plug is unreliable, and there is often the possibility of leakage, because the rear locking nut of the first generation “back-mounted” waterproof connector is generally the default manual locking rather than the tool lock. Tight, on the one hand, causes the operator to consume too much energy, and at the same time can not accurately define the locking torque, resulting in leakage is not waterproof.

Thirdly, the external volume design is generally large. In some projects that require space or require hidden design, the connector body is often exposed due to its large size, which results in a decrease in the aesthetic effect of the overall project.

Fourth, the contact resistance in the PIN pin after the male and female plugs are connected is too high. Because the first generation products are often completed by metal stamping, the contact between the pin and the inner wall of the female pin after the male and female pin connection is often not tightly packed, resulting in large resistance and joint heating. If it is in high temperature conditions in the summer, it may easily cause its own equipment and engineering. Fire hazards.


Shenzhen Kenhon Technology's second-generation plastic industrial waterproof connector is designed based on DFMEA (Design Failure Mode Analysis) analysis, infrared thermal image analysis, and wind tunnel simulation experiments. This product has many advantages.


First, in the design of male and female plug-to-port waterproofing, a design known as the “three-jaw chuck” that is commonly used in similar machine tools and fixture industries is adopted. The biggest advantage of this design is that it can accurately guide the male and female plugs for docking. Precisely fixed connections are watertight, with a small bump design that allows the operator to determine whether it is in place or not by listening to sound and tactile feel, even when used in very dark areas.

Second, the connection of Kenhon “back-load” connectors at the tails of cables and connectors is sealed using the standard “hex nut” standard used in the industry. This aspect has increased the convenience of cable fixing and is acceptable. The wrench tool can be easily replaced by manual tightening, greatly reducing construction strength and improving cable connection reliability.

Third, it is more compact and flexible, and it is better designed to conceal itself and become a “hero behind the scenes”.

Fourthly, the connector housing plastic adopts environmentally-friendly recyclable engineering materials. PIN pins are machined and machined with a gold-plated surface to make the electrical connections more stable and reliable, with lower contact resistance and lower system energy consumption. It is a true green connector.

The product is widely used in LED lighting, urban outdoor lighting projects, lighthouses, street lamps, cruise ships, floor heating, breeding, laser, stage lighting, furniture, displays, aviation, industrial equipment, cables, sprinklers and other industries.


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